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Optical Products

At Precision Tool Tech, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to eyewear manufacturing doesn’t cut it. For over 25 years, our cutting-edge solutions have helped countless optical laboratories profitably adapt to the changing optical landscape.


Sturdy finishing products improve lens quality and performance, increase throughput and save costs.


Create precise, high-quality lenses with the proper curve and prescribed refracting power and prism.

AR Coating

Durable rings and fixtures secure lenses of various shapes and geometries during the critical anti-reflective coating process.

Lab Trays

No matter what equipment you have in your laboratory, our versatile automation job trays will fit your needs.


We offer services to support our optical products, including rapid prototyping, precision balancing, part repairs—and more.

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Your Manufacturing Partner

Using our in-house metrology, quality control, CMM and prototyping capabilities, we deliver optical products that meet even your toughest specifications.

Quality Control and Metrology

We maintain the highest quality standards and utilize a wide range of state-of-the-art inspection equipment—guaranteeing the accuracy of your lenses and tooling.

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CMM Services

We offer coordinate measuring machine (CMM) services and will check your lenses, lap tools and mold insert curves with micron-level accuracy.

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Rapid Prototyping

Using our advanced 3D printing machinery and software, we can prototype even your most complex parts, components and pieces—quickly.

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Contract Manufacturing

From five-axis machining to lights-out operation, our contract manufacturing capabilities keep the spindles spinning—and your costs low.

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Quick Turn Manufacturing

We routinely handle parts other companies find too intimidating to make quickly—like those that involve multiple machining and secondary operations.

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“To be a solution provider and add value to our customers with first-rate Quality and Service while maintaining integrity, fair pricing and Profitability”. Jim Goerges, President
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