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Surfacing products that improve lens quality,
increase throughput and save you costs

For over 25 years, our surfacing products have helped optical laboratories create precise, high-quality lenses with the proper curve and prescribed refracting power and prism.

Many of our optical innovations are based on customer-specific solutions. One of our claims to fame, for example—the Perfect Power Surface Block—prevents lenses from warping during the heating and cooling processes of lens blocking—yielding perfectly powered lenses every time.

Automation Job Trays

No matter the equipment you have in your laboratory, we can configure our Versi Tray series to fit your needs. Choose from ten color options and two tray heights—2.75 inches (standard) and 3.25 inches for larger frames. An optional clear lid protects frames from polish and slurry, while lens pillow inserts repel liquids, prevent lens scratches and stop lenses from moving in automated systems. We also offer sturdy mobile racks to transport your job trays from station to station. Check out all the available optional features in our catalog.

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Surface Blocks

We offer a complete line of surfacing blocks for all manufacturing equipment. Our Perfect Power Blocks are designed to minimize the alloy thickness at the geometric lens center to control curve accuracy. Perfect Power Blocks effectively control shrinkage—eliminating wavy and off-power lenses. We also offer a wide range of LOH style blocks, which we machine from solid aluminum to exacting tolerances. Blocks come in various colors and slot orientations. View Our Catalog

Surface Gauges

Our surface gauges accurately measure spheres, aspheres, bifocals, multifocals and progressives without scratching lenses. All sagitta gauges—machined to Essilor glass master standards—are equipped with Mitutoyo 0.01 or 0.001 resolution indicators.

In addition to handheld and tabletop options, we offer sagitta gauges, prism gauges, combination lens thickness gauges, pressure gauges and axis gauges. All gauges come certified.


Blocking Rings

For use with surface blocks, our LOH PRA/PLA blocking rings come in various sizes and are made from high-quality stainless steel. Choose from various ring thicknesses, auto fill sensors, bifocal cut-outs and axis location numbers.

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We manufacture our Precision handheld surface deblockers from sturdy Delrin material—making it easy to deblock your lenses from surface blocks.

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Our Carbide Ball Tips create new wear areas—extending the life of centers up to three times. Made from rust-free stainless steel, they match the height of your original pins and come standard with a 0.125-inch carbide ball tip for longer life and ideal orbital action.


Lap Tools

Our lap tools meet the industry’s highest standards for ophthalmic lens processing and we offer them in two different materials, aluminum and plastic. We manufacture them using the finest aircraft aluminum—enabling them to thrive in demanding environments.

Machined from virgin polymer bar stock plastic, our Precision Dura Laps achieves tight tolerances and provides unsurpassed rigidity and accuracy—even after years of service. We also offer specialty laps for grinding and polishing beryllium copper, stainless steel and mold steel. Our tools are designed for spheres, aspheres, bifocals and progressives.

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We provide a variety of services around our optical products to help you improve lens quality and performance, increase throughput and reduce costs.

Rapid prototyping. Send us your file, and we’ll quote any part that can fit in our build area and generate an affordable prototype.

Precision balancing. We’ll check and balance your tooling and tool holders—improving cutting performance, process reliability and machine life.

Lens and tool checks. We check shapes and forms to micron-level accuracy and will produce exact lens geometries from your digital generator or machining center. Send us your lens, lap tool or mold insert for same-day analysis.

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