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AR ring repairs, rapid prototyping, precision balancing, lens and tool checks—and more

We provide a variety of services to support our optical products—and help you improve lens quality and performance, increase throughput and reduce costs. In addition to being a parts manufacturer and distributor, we’re a full-service CNC and plastic injection molding company with the ability to produce custom products. Utilizing our in-house equipment and industry expertise, we’ll provide a solution that solves even your toughest application challenges.

Rapid Prototyping

Send us your file, and we’ll quote any part that can fit in our build area and generate an affordable prototype using our Stratasys Fortus 3D FDM printer. Available materials include ABS, PC (semi-transparent) and ABS/PC blend.

AR Ring Repair

Many of our customers find AR repair a solid choice when minor imperfections and wear are present. We’ll fix or replace rings and other damaged components at half the cost of a new one. We also recertify and recalibrate damaged gauges.

Precision Balancing

We’ll check and balance your tooling and tool holders—improving cutting performance, process reliability and spindle life.

Using our Haimer Tool Dynamic balancing machine, we can improve your cutting performance on machining operations like milling, lens generating and edging.

Lens and
Tool Checks

We'll check your shapes and forms—including concave, convex, spherical, aspherical, toric, atoric, polynomial, X-Y-Z points, solid models, splines and point clouds—and will produce exact lens geometries from your digital generator or machining center.

Our Zeiss Accura CMM achieves unmatched speed and precision. We also offer product scanning via contact or non-contact laser metrology. Contact us to learn more.

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