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AR Coating

Durable rings and fixtures that hold and protect lenses during the anti‑reflective coating process

An innovator in optical manufacturing, we were the first to develop special Anti-Reflective (AR) Rings to secure lenses of various shapes and geometries during the critical AR coating process. These durable rings prevent uncut and edged lenses from falling out of coating machines—eliminating part breakage and saving you costs and materials.

Responding to our customers, we’ve adapted and refined our rings to improve process performance and lens quality in AR coating machines.

We also offer various auxiliary equipment, including ring holders, hangers, spreaders, unloaders and masks—ensuring your lenses maintain their delicate curves and prescriptive power even after the coating process is complete. 

AR Spring Rings

Custom order your AR spring rings for finished lenses in four different ring blank options—Leybold, Satis, Satis “E” Style or Zeiss. Choose the number of spring arms, spring tip configurations and spring tensions to securely accommodate every variety of finished or uncut lens sizes.

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AR Drop-In Rings

Our drop-in rings are custom made to fit your uncut lenses according to your sector sizes. All drop-in rings are made from the highest quality stainless steel material and machined for perfect fit. View Our Catalog

AR Stamped Rings

Stamped AR rings are a low cost but effective way to hold your uncut lenses during the AR coating process. Available in 65, 70 and 80 millimeter lens sizes.

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AR Coater Shields

Our Stamped Sector Shields are a cost-effective way to use blanks during the AR coating process. We designed these blanks to fill unoccupied sector holes when running less than a full load. They also prevent sputter from coating the wrong side of lenses adjacent to empty cut-outs.

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AR Ring Spreaders

To help you mount lenses inside AR rings, we provide ring spreaders with three or four spring rings.

Spreaders are available for all spring ring diameters, and we’re happy to customize our designs based on your specific ring manufacturer. We also offer options machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, as well as lightweight, handheld spreaders made from high-density plastic.

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Versi Trays and Stainless Steel Lens Racks for Ovens

No matter the equipment you have in your laboratory, we can configure our Versi Tray series to fit your needs. Choose from 10 color options and two tray heights—2.75 inches (standard) and 3.25 inches for larger frames. An optional clear lid protects frames from polish and slurry, while lens pillow inserts repel liquids, prevent lens scratches and stop lenses from moving in automated systems.

We offer custom AR lens racks for curing ovens, so lenses are protected and air is allowed to flow from the bottom of the lens racks. We can number the lens pockets as well as each lens rack to keep track of your AR coating jobs.

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We provide a variety of services around our optical products to help you improve lens quality and performance, increase throughput and reduce costs. 

Rapid prototyping. Send us your file, and we’ll quote any part that can fit in our build area and generate an affordable prototype.

AR ring repair. You’ll find AR repair a solid choice when minor imperfections and wear are present.ability and machine life.

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