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Configurable automation job trays to fit your laboratory requirements

No matter what equipment you have in your laboratory, our versatile automation job trays will fit your needs. Our Versi Tray series secures your lenses, frames and edge blocks. And we make trays to your requirements and colors—providing you with the most options in the optical industry.

Versi Tray Features

Choose from ten color options and two tray heights—2.75 inches (standard) and 3.25 inches for larger frames. An optional clear lid protects frames from polish and slurry, while lens pillow inserts repel liquids, prevent lens scratches and stop lenses from moving in automated systems. We also offer sturdy mobile racks to transport your job trays from station to station.

Additional Options

  • Optional lettering
  • Various pin positions for most block orientations
  • Holders for WECO and NIDEK style edge blocks
  • Lens holder options: LOH, MEI and Schneider styles
  • Optional lens pillow inserts, screw cases and bridge cases
  • Optional clear lid to keep your frames protected
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We provide a variety of services around our optical products—including our automation job trays—to help you improve lens quality and performance, increase throughput and reduce costs. 

Rapid prototyping. Send us your file, and we’ll quote any part that can fit in our build area and generate an affordable prototype.

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