Contract Manufacturing

Your One-Stop Shop for Advanced Manufacturing of Complex Parts
Contract Manufacturing

Cost-effective, quality parts—delivered on time

We’re no ordinary machine shop. From five-axis machining to lights-out operation, our contract manufacturing capabilities keep the spindles spinning—and your costs low.

Keeping You Competitive

We work hand-in-hand with you during each stage of production planning, ensuring you receive your high-quality parts on time. No matter your needs—blanket orders, short lead times or small, medium and large batches—we’ll meet them. We offer various design-for-manufacturability services, and our highly skilled engineers optimize our production processes to meet even your most aggressive forecast. Get Started

Lights-Out Manufacturing

Unattended for us means best possible pricing and fast delivery for you. Unlike other machine shops, we developed automation technology that enables true lights-out or unattended machining—allowing us to tackle your mid- to high-volume jobs quickly and cost effectively overnight. Our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System, for example, automatically delivers properly mixed coolant to multiple machine tools without any human intervention. Part of our 168 Manufacturing capabilities, this machine is just one of the ways we keep our spindles spinning 24/7. Learn More  


Our Technical Advantages

If your part has complex features, involves multiple operations or requires five or more machining axes—we’re your shop. Our facility includes a variety of high-end and multi-tasking equipment, including:
  • Willemin-Macodel machining centers
  • Electrical discharge machines (EDM)
  • Robotics and automation technology
  • Multi-axis equipment
  • Tool room machines
  • Coordinate measurement machines
  • CAD/CAM and simulation software
  • Laser welders
  • Quality control equipment
  • 3D printer for rapid prototyping
  • Injection molding equipment
  • Parts marking and assembly machines
Thanks to our extensive in-house capabilities, we can turn around even your most complex parts quickly and cost-effectively. Our capabilities extend to challenging surface finishes, tight tolerances, complex contours—and more. Get Started

Let’s Talk About Your Struggles

Our contract manufacturing capabilities can help you bring your products to market faster without breaking the bank. To learn more about how we can meet your unique application needs, contact us today.