Our Gas Inflation Components Provide Reliable Inflation Control—When You Need It Most

Our Gas Inflation Components Provide Reliable Inflation Control—When You Need It Most

While you may know us for our contract manufacturing or injection molding capabilities, we also design and deliver gas inflation components and systems. These products get the job done on land, sea and in the air when rapid deployment is not only expected — but necessary.

Our gas inflation products incorporate durable materials that boost component reliability, successfully resist corrosion and achieve long service life in challenging saltwater environments. Building on our 25 years of machining expertise, all our inflation control components are precision machined to the highest quality standards. They also meet ISO 15738:2019 standards for maritime safety with many components independently tested.

These products include:

  • Flanges. Our cementable flange design provides simple and efficient installation or removal of integral inflation system components. Units are made out of durable materials and achieve an extended service life in demanding environmental conditions.
  • Relief Valves. Our pressure relief valves are engineered to maintain the working pressure of the inflatable structure and provide protection against over-pressurization with very efficient venting of the excess inflation gas.
  • Top Off Valves. Our top off valve design incorporates an aggressive pitched threaded inlet, allowing users to easily attach integral hand pumps even in cold temperatures.
  • Inlet Check Valves. Our inlet check valves are engineered to disperse high-pressure and high-velocity gases into the inflatable structure and to prevent backflow pressure loss from the inflatable structure following inflation.
  • Inflation Valves. As one of the most important components in gas inflation systems, our inflation valves incorporate durable, plated and coated components that boost their performance and corrosion resistance.

In addition to providing standards units, we can customize our valves and flanges to fit your unique needs in applications ranging from life rafts and slides, to inflatable shelters and venting systems.

To learn more about our gas inflation components, download our new brochure or fill out our request form.

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