QC² LENS (Patent Pending)

QC2 Lens

Product Description

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Introducing Our New QC2 Lens = Quick Check/Quality Control Process. (Patent Pending)

QC2 Lens Edged Quality Control Tool

QC² Lens Edged

QC2 Lens

QC2 Lens

Quick solutions to the following finishing problems

Tracing Axis, Tracing dimensions, Layout Position, Layout Axis,

Edging Axis, Drill Axis, Slippage, and Combination Axis/Position Errors.

The ability to quick check the quality of your lenses with our QC2 Lens, will help reduce lead times in your lens manufacturing process and improve quality output, making six sigma and other quality metrics easier to reach, or improve upon.

Lens manufacturing and quality control can be time consuming but it doesn’t have to be, with the QC2 Lens Quick Check Quality Control tool. 

Please Contact Jim or Pete on how to implement this system in your lab.