The Lens Etching Mask Kit Allows you to mark your lenses with your company initials for all of your prescription safety eyewear. It is ease of change from one mask to another for different safety standard requirements are just one of Precision Tool Technologies solutions for simple and very cost effective procedure.

Product Description

The Lens Etching Kit Includes:

  • Lens Etching Mask cut with your company initials. All six-mask assemblies are included in the kit. The brackets in the table below will be replaced with your company initials.
    • Part #                Lettering   Configuration
      PTT1828-( )-A      ( )            3.0mm safety, clear lens
      PTT1828-( )-B      ( )            S3.0mm tinted and UV lens
      PTT1828-( )-C      ( )            V3.0mm photogray and transition
      PTT1828-( )-D      ( )            +2.0mm safety, clear lens polycarbonate
      PTT1828-( )-E      ( )            +S2.0mm tinted and UV lens polycarbonate
      PTT1828-( )-F      ( )            +V2.0mm transition lens polycarbonate
  • Sand blasting unit for etching lenses. (Use Aluminum Oxide 180-200 grit for etching)
  • An up-right stand for ease of operation, either free standing or mounted to a table.
  • Recommended air pressure 80 psi

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  • SET OF 6 REPLACEMENT MASKS (aluminum body not included)