Precision and Automation Focused Technology

When tolerances are demanding and precision is at a premium, machining technology is the difference maker. Precision Tool employs state-of-the-art computer-integrated technology with the ability to measure components to meet tolerances of +/— 0.001mm. Utilizing our equipment, experience, and expertise, we will develop the best manufacturing method to generate cost savings for our customers. We also employ other manufacturing equipment and practices that generate additional cost savings for customers:

  • Enterprise software enables customers the ability to review, in real time, concurrent engineering data.
  • Rapid prototyping can generate ideas and prototypes quickly and affordably.
  • The Zeiss Accura CMM with highly efficient air bearings is unmatched for its precision, speed and multisensory capability to .001mm of tolerances.
  • Automation is a fundamental component of our manufacturing operations. It allows more production needs to be fulfilled efficiently and more accurately.
  • Micron machining equipment for molds and micro molding capabilities help our customers bring new products to market faster and more accurately.
  • Robotics is a critical component of our manufacturing and assembly capabilities, creating efficiencies by allowing unattended assembly and monitoring.
  • Video capabilities allow our customers to monitor the production of their components and provide them with the ability to monitor work off-site.
  • Utilizing hard milling, high feed milling, and high-speed machining ensure that all products are high quality, competitively priced and quick to market.